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Feb 21, 2007 Author: editor | Filed under: Juegos

Entretenido juego para escalar. Se salta con la barra espaciadora.

Escaladeby Flash Game

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  • 50 mejores frases de Homero Simpson

    Feb 15, 2007 Author: editor | Filed under: Chistes, Echandola

    Aqui 50 de las mejores frases que ha dicho Homero Simpson en ingles:

  • Operator! Give me the number for 911!
  • Oh, so they have internet on computers now!
  • Bart, with $10,000, we’d be millionaires! We could buy all kinds of useful things like…love!
  • Just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t understand.
  • I’m normally not a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me Superman.
  • Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now quiet! They’re about to announce the lottery numbers.
  • Well, it’s 1 a.m. Better go home and spend some quality time with the kids.
  • Maybe, just once, someone will call me ‘Sir’ without adding, ‘You’re making a scene.’
  • Marge, don’t discourage the boy! Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It’s what separates us from the animals! Except the weasel.
  • Doughnuts. Is there anything they can’t do?


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  • Broma telefonica a hotel

    Feb 14, 2007 Author: editor | Filed under: Chistes, Videos

    Aqui vemos como llaman al lobby de un hotel para reservar con un pronunciado acento Hindu. (EN INGLES)

    Indian Prank Call To Hotel Front Desk

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  • Spore videogame

    Feb 3, 2007 Author: editor | Filed under: Videos

    Este es un video con imagenes de un juego que saldra pronto de nombre Spore!
    Se ve chido para echarla.

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